Technographic Data Partnership

Get new customers. Sell your current customers more products and services.

Flexible licensing. Product road map influence.

Our partners help B2B tech companies
go to market faster.

Technographic Data Partnership

Agile. Innovative.

Media and Data

Media & Data

Combine our data with yours to give your customers smarter choices for ABM, sales prospecting, and modeling.

First party data companies, list aggregators, tech media, content syndication

B2B SaaS & DaaS

B2B SaaS & DaaS

Put our data into your workflows to increase the value of your product.

Predictive analytics, DMPs, DSPs, ABM platforms, inside sales software, DaaS

Agency, Consultancy, Tech Distributor

Agency, Consultancy, Tech Distributor

Add new services revenue streams and outflank the competition.

Lead gen firms, B2B agencies, marketing and sales tech deployment firms, go-to-market consultancies.

  • Partner (FAQ)

    Partner (FAQ)

    Can I sell your entire database?

    Yes, you can sell all of the attributes we make available to the market.

    Do I own derivative works?

    Yes, any purely derivative products are yours.

    Is there any restriction on the types of customers I can sell to?

    No, you can sell to any company.

    Do you also provide custom data sets?

    Ans- Yes, if you have unique requirements, just let us know. We treat all custom data sets on a case by case basis.

  • We would love to tell you more about us

    We would love to tell
    you more about us.

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