About Us

Our Vision

There is far too much noise in the market.
Conversion rates are low. Customers are
overwhelmed with too many irrelevant messages.

Our vision? Relevance. At scale.

Our approach

DemandMatrix uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to discover the hardware and software companies use and need. We use this data to syndicate content, bring relevance to your website, and ungate your content.

Our difference

No other technology company

  • Delivers scalable B2B relevance on a platform of big-data.
  • Derives the accounts you should target based upon their technology buying behavior.
  • Offers an open platform that other data and technology providers can plug into.

Types of customers
and people we serve

Help us build
a great company


Learn about the latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, new programming languages, B2B sales and marketing best practices, and the tech sector. If you’re the type of person who loves to learn continuously, then you will be happy here.


Have the courage to dream up big ideas that will change how companies sell and market. Experiment always and fail fast. Our clients are in the tech sector and so they live and breath innovation and will expect no less from us.


Work with a great team to build solutions that reduce the cost of sales and marketing and make B2B buying experiences better for business customers. We want to change the face of B2B sales and marketing and need people with the passion and commitment to being great.

  • About DemandMatrix (FAQ)

    DemandMatrix (FAQ)

    How does your data help improve account, lead or opportunity scoring?

    Technographic and Next Technology Purchase data add a new dimension to factors like industry, size of company, and response behavior. In essence, the technology a company uses is a roadmap to what other technologies they might buy.

    How would I get access to the reports?

    We can either create a custom report for you or give you the data via batch or API to generate your own reports.

    Why can’t I find a specific technology I am looking to track?

    We need to instruct our search algorithms to look for a particular product. So we may not have asked our search engine to look for the product you want or there may not be much evidence that anyone is using the product. Let us know the product that is missing and we’ll add it to our search engine and get back to you in 24 hours.

  • We would love to tell you more about us

    We would love to tell
    you more about us.

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