B2B Insights

Get Competitors insights with
installed technology data.

Competitive analysis, demand forecasting, predictive models, lead and opportunity scoring.

See the customers of any competitor. Identify their at-risk accounts and discover accounts that need your product.

Discover Account

Get answers to critical business questions.

  • Which of their accounts are vulnerable to attrition?
  • Which of their customers will be in market next quarter/year?
  • Which of their customers have which products?

Improve demand forecasting and planning.Find your total addressable market and discover your in-market buyers.

Use relevant installed-technology data
to define more accurately your total addressable market.

By looking at the historical technology adoption patterns.
find accounts that need your solutions

Total addressable market

Build more accurate predictions
throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customer Lifecycle

The combination of current installed technologies and the deployment history create new possibilities for prioritizing sales and marketing efforts.

  • Propensity to buy models
  • Lead, account and opportunity scoring models
  • Look-alike models
  • Retention models

Go faster with our humans-in-the loop services.Feedback on your models. Proof of concept testing. Model building.

Use our Humans-in-the-Loop services
to get fast feedback on your model output.

If your data science team is backed up,
our data scientists can develop models for you.

Human in loop services
  • B2B Insights (FAQ)

    B2B Insights (FAQ)

    What are your sources of data and how often are they updated?

    Here is a link to the product page that discusses our data sources. We update the data constantly and provide customers with quarterly updates.

    What fields of data are available for running queries or creating a report?

    Here are the available Data Fields for querying, creating report and output.

    What is Technographic data?

    Technographic data tells you what hardware and software the companies are using, whether the products are in front of or behind the firewall.

    What is Next Technology Purchase data?

    DemandMatrix uses up to five years of historical data to identify the technology adoption patterns and to compare the adoption patterns for companies in industry, size and geo clusters. These patterns are like a DNA sequence for identifying the next technology a company is likely to buy at a particular time.

    How does your data help improve account, lead or opportunity scoring?

    Technographic and Next Technology Purchase data add a new dimension to factors like industry, size of company, and response behavior. In essence, the technology a company uses is a roadmap to what other technologies they might buy.

    How would I get access to the reports?

    We can either create a custom report for you or give you the data via batch or API to generate your own reports.

    Why can’t I find a specific technology I am looking to track?

    We need to instruct our search algorithms to look for a particular product. So we may not have asked our search engine to look for the product you want or there may not be much evidence that anyone is using the product. Let us know the product that is missing and we’ll add it to our search engine and get back to you in 24 hours.

  • Get a free report on your total addressable market.

    Get a report on your addressable market
    and the accounts that need your solution.

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