Demand Campaigns

Get better ROI from your B2B campaigns across your customer lifecycle.

Account-based marketing, lead generation, cross-selling, retention campaigns.

Increase Conversions on Your Account-Based Marketing
and Lead Generation Campaigns. Target in market accounts. Ungate content and syndicate content.

Increase Conversions
  • For outbound, focus on accounts that need your products.
  • For inbound, ungate your content until your visitor is most likely to share a valid business email address.
  • Use our Humans-in-the-Loop services to syndicate content on a CPL basis.

Generate more business from your existing customers.
Look at other relevant technologies to prioritize your outreach.

What your customer has bought from you is helpful.

What technologies they are buying from others
will help you identify and prioritize the best candidates for cross-sell,
upsell and retention campaigns.

Accelerate profitable growth by retaining your customers
Technology adoption patterns reveal when your customer might be thinking of leaving you.

Personalised Retention Campaign

Use technology adoption patterns
to identify and retain at-risk customers.

Run personalized retention campaigns based on their installed technology and increase their life time value.

  • Demand Campaigns (FAQ)

    Demand Campaigns (FAQ)

    Can I get contact data from DemandMatrix?

    Yes, we license contacts from multiple sources and will find the best sources for your market.

    Can I integrate Demand campaigns with my marketing automation platform?

    We integrate via API with majority of CRM and marketing automation platforms.

    How can I test drive your product?

    We will append an appropriate sample list of accounts, opportunities, or leads at no charge.

    How does your pricing model work?

    For data, pricing depends on the volume of data, the type of data, and the use of the data (e.g., just for filtering or for output). Our lead generation and appointment setting services are based on a cost-per-lead or appointment and depend on the level of difficulty.

    What fields of data are available for running queries or creating a report?

    Here are the available Data Fields for querying, creating report and output.

    What are your sources of data and how often is it updated?

    Here is a link to the product page that discusses our data sources.  We update the data constantly and provide customers with quarterly updates.

    What is Technographic data?

    Technographic data tells you what hardware and software the companies are using, whether the products are in front of or behind the firewall.

    What is Next Technology Purchase data?

    DemandMatrix uses up to five years of historical data to identify the technology adoption patterns and to compare the adoption patterns for companies in industry, size and geo clusters. These patterns are like a DNA sequence for identifying the next technology a company is likely to buy at a particular time.

  • Get 25 accounts who need your product.

    Get 25 accounts
    who need your product.

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