Frequently Asked Questions about DemandMatrix and Our Products.

What Does DemandMatrix Do?

DemandMatrix helps increase your go-to-market efficiency with a foundation of better market intelligence. Researching millions of publicly available sources and over a billion documents per month, DemandMatrix uses machine learning and narrow-AI to find, catalog and score 12,473 hardware and software products that 13,716,365 companies in 236 countries are using or considering.

What is technographic Data?

Technographic data tells you what hardware and software companies are using, including whether the products are in front of or behind the firewall.

What is Next Technology Purchase Detection Data?

DemandMatrix uses up to five years of technology deployment history to identify the technology adoption patterns and technology behaviors of companies including comparisons on the adoption patterns basis industry, size and geo clusters. These patterns are like a DNA sequence for identifying the next technology a company is likely to buy at a particular time.

What is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is a process that involves refining, enhancing and improving raw or unstructured data. This process helps turn data into an asset for businesses.

What is Gated Content?

Gated content usually refers to online content assets that readers can access only after filling out a form. These content assets usually include whitepapers, articles, videos, content in the form of webinars, ebooks, pdfs, etc.

What is a Sales Enablement Tool?

A sales enablement tool is meant to empower sales teams by helping them optimize or enhance either a part or all of their sales process. Sales enablement tools are built with the aim to provide sales departments better interactions with prospects so that they can close deals faster.

How Can We Improve our Lead Generation Process?

DemandMatrix offers a range of innovative, technology backed solutions that help identify leads that have a higher propensity to buy a particular product or service. Reach out to our Sales team to know more.

Do you also provide custom data sets?

We do provide custom data sets depending on what our clients needs are. Reach out to us on marketing@demandmatrix.com to start a conversation and tell us what you need.

How does your pricing model work?

For data, pricing depends on the volume of data, the type of data, and the use of the (e.g., for filtering, for output, or for resell). Matching is free. The connector is free. Our lead generation and appointment setting services are based on a cost-per-lead or appointment and depend on the level of difficulty.

Can I get Contact Data From DemandMatrix?

DemandMatrix can provide both account level and contact level information to clients.