Ungate your content. Get more leads

60% of B2B visitors bounce. Very few convert.

Give your customers a preview of your gated content. Reduce the information you ask but not the information you get.


The Marketing Dilemma

The more information you ask of your landing page visitors, the lower your conversion rate.

The less you ask for, the worse your ability to score, segment, nurture, route, and convert your leads.


Increase conversion of your web traffic into leads by 79.6% or more.

Increase the capture of valid business email addresses by 59%

Optimize the quality of your content. Get insights on user engagement with each asset.

Build Trust with Your Customers.

The median conversion rate in B2B is just 2.23%* Customers don’t convert because they don’t believe the value exchange is fair.

LeadGain tips the balance by allowing you to give visitors a preview of your gated assets. More trust equals more leads.

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Ask for Less. Get More.

Ask for as little as a work email address and get back 100% human-verified business card information, firmographics, technographics, and other insights. Comply with CASL and GDPR regulations today.

Stop putting so much incomplete, bogus data in your marketing automation and CRM systems.

Get New Insights into Your Content.

Take a  scientific approach to content development through real insights on content engagement. See where your customers abandon your content. Then make changes to increase engagement.

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Improve your Conversion of Leads into Customers.

Small increases in lead quality can greatly improve your ROI. Bad lead data decreases sales follow up. No follow up, no pipeline.

So LeadGain integrates humans into your workflow. Validate email addresses, titles, and phone numbers. Gather custom sales intelligence.

Use with any asset

Works on any kind of gated asset be it an e-book or video.

Integrate easily

Easy integration with your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Install in seconds

Deploy on any webpage with just a few lines of JavaScript.

Generate more leads with your existing traffic and assets