Peter Gillett, Founder and CEO of Zuant discusses his professional journey, from being a mechanical engineer to the CEO of a mobile lead data capture company. He talks about his experiences and what gave rise to the idea of Zuant. 

Peter discusses various aspects related to B2B marketing and sales in this episode, with a key focus on lead data management. Key takeaway from Peter: GDPR isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the B2B marketplace. Its actually a good thing! Catch the whole episode to know why he said that.

About Zuant:

Zuant is a platform made for B2B marketing and sales teams with the aim of streamlining the process of mobile lead data capture. 

Top ten takeaways from the episode:

  1. “Some of the basic things in B2B marketing and sales still remain the same despite rapidly changing trends.” 
  2. “Database marketing is especially useful in B2B marketing.”
  3. “Getting constant feedback from my clients is always valuable, I always try to join in on client or sales calls as a result.”
  4. “For salespeople, having an easy to use platform that can be used on-the-go is important. That’s what Zuant helps with!”
  5. “I don’t think many people talk about having easy to use platforms that can help when they are in the field or on-the-go.”
  6. “ABM is great obviously. In B2C its easier to apply. In B2B, it gets a little complicated. Knowing where to find data about your target’s preferences is important here.”
  7. “Large companies like Verizon have applied Zuant’s technology to pull data together in a consistent way.”
  8. “Technology if applied correctly can be a good approach to use to achieve marketing and sales goals.”
  9. “Process flow from web to inside sales is crucial for B2B marketing and sales.”
  10. “Build your customer journey based on how you would like to be treated.”
About the podcast

Sunny Side Up is a series of 15-minute podcasts. Leaders and innovators share what they’ve learned in the B2B tech sector on topics related to marketing, product management, sales, and leadership.

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