Jeremey Donovan is SVP of Sales Strategy at SalesLoft, the world’s leading sales engagement platform. Over the past 20+ years, he has had an eclectic career spanning semiconductor engineering to product development/management to sales & marketing leadership at Xilinx, Gartner, AMA, GLG, and CB Insights. Jeremey is the author of five books including the international public speaking bestseller “How to Deliver a TED Talk” as well as “Predictable Prospecting.” He holds a BS and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 

In this episode, Jeremey discusses key B2B sales strategies that help organizations like SalesLoft drive more results. 

Top ten takeaways from the episode:

  1. “My days are highly varied. I try to have these ‘deep work’ periods were I tackle complex projects on some days.”
  2. “Predictive models are only as good as the data that comes in. And too many organizations don’t have super clean data.”
  3. “Picking the ‘right’ contacts or ‘right’ accounts will always remain elusive.”
  4. “Any sort of change in audience behavior requires alignment between people, process and technology to deal with it correctly.”
  5. “Today, we don’t have a technology problem…we have a problem with people and processes, process adherence more specifically.”
  6. “Email and phone remain dominant channels to reach prospects on…social is picking up too in this space. Today, Direct Mail is being used as a differentiator. Though few years ago, it was a dead channel. The one bad thing you can do in B2B Sales is use just a single channel.”
  7. “I follow a retrospective A/B testing, where I can test something on data and make the abstract more concrete.”
  8. “We’ve discovered that one-word subject lines have the best reply rates!”
  9. “The most common best word for prospecting is in fact just a company name!”
  10. “Tools that help you figure out what your next best action is will be big in demand, especially by salespeople.”
About the podcast

Sunny Side Up is a series of 15-minute podcasts. Leaders and innovators share what they’ve learned in the B2B tech sector on topics related to marketing, product management, sales, and leadership.

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