In this episode, Tessa Barron, Senior Director of Brand and Communications at ON24 talks about the latest trends in the B2B and tech marketing industry and the common challenges B2B marketing and sales teams face in their everyday roles. 

About Tessa:

Tessa is an established B2B tech marketing professional who has worked as Product Marketing manager and Media strategist at leading tech enterprises prior to her current role at ON24.

About ON24:

The ON24 platform provides marketing, sales and product teams software that helps drive digital experiences and engagement. 

Top ten takeaways from the episode:

  1. “As marketers we can often get caught up in our own internal story and we don’t really thinking about an outreach from an outside perspective.”
  2. “Its important to tell buyers what the value of your product is to them, not why its important to you.”
  3. “Having a focus on what the person on the other side is going to gain from the experience you’ll give is critical.”
  4. “Our audience opts in to webinars better, its a format they demand.”
  5. “For us, webinars are a huge win because we are able to make it an integrated experience.”
  6. “You have to offer different experiences to your audience based on what they want.”
  7. “When we’ve used Direct Mail as a door opener, we didn’t see a great result. When we use it as an accelerator, we see results.”
  8. “When it comes to advertising to the same named accounts: we are all one of many.”
  9. “In copy, we can all get very wrapped up and self-serving. I like to just use plain language while making it conversational. Bad copy is more of an outcome for not having a purpose as to what to say.”
  10. “The more integrated your experience can be, the better it is. Any technology that facilitates that will always have a high demand.”
About the podcast

Sunny Side Up is a series of 15-minute podcasts. Leaders and innovators share what they’ve learned in the B2B tech sector on topics related to marketing, product management, sales, and leadership.

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