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Increase sales productivity with sales enablement.

Forecasting, territory assignment, appointment-setting, competitive campaigns, sales insights.

Create more accurate sales forecast Help your sales team prioritize their efforts.

Find Accounts using Competitors product

Refine your sales forecasts.
See which accounts are in-market now.

Use that insight to help your sales team
prioritize opportunities in their pipeline.

Create the most productive sales territories.

  • Traditional firmographics-based territory assignments
    do not reflect the revenue potential.
  • Determine your total addressable market (TAM)
    based on the technology categories you sell.
  • Use our technology adoption patterns
    to identify accounts that will be in market.

Book more appointments faster.

Focus on those accounts that are most likely to buy.

Use our Humans-in-the-Loop services to generate high quality sales appointments with your best accounts.

Attack the competition.
Win their most vulnerable customers.

Find the accounts using your competitor’s products.

Identify the accounts at-risk and in-market this quarter.

Help your sales team have
more relevant conversations.

Before their first call, your sales people need to know about the relevant technology footprint of an account.

Such insights position your sales people as true professionals and eliminate the need to ask unnecessary questions.

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  • Sales Insider (FAQ)

    Sales Insider (FAQ)

    What fields of data are available for running queries or creating a report?

    Here are the available Data Fields for querying, creating report and output.

    What is Next Technology Purchase data?

    DemandMatrix uses up to five years of historical data to identify the technology adoption patterns and to compare the adoption patterns for companies in industry, size and geo clusters. These patterns are like a DNA sequence for identifying the next technology a company is likely to buy at a particular time.

    What is Technographic data?

    Technographic data tells you what hardware and software the companies are using, whether the products are in front of or behind the firewall.

  • Get 25 accounts who need your product.

    Get 25 accounts who need
    your product.

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