Technographic Data Platform FAQ’s

Who can I reach out to if I face a problem when using the platform?

Feel free to reach out to us on for any additional query. We will be sure to get back to you within 5-6 working days.

How does a typical list look after I download it? What fields of data are included?

When you search for a particular hardware or software technology, we provide a list of 5 free samples. Given below is a graphical representation of the fields of data included.

Can I get contact data for the companies using a specific technology?

We provide account-level information of companies using the particular hardware or software technology that you search for. We license contact data from multiple sources to find the best sources for your market. Please contact our sales team at for contact data.

What is the pricing policy, how am I being charged for each list I download?

The total price is calculated on the basis of the total quantity required. Have a look at our Terms and Conditions to know more about our detailed pricing structure.

1 – 2000 $0.80 per record
2000 – 5000 $0.60 per record
5000 – 10000 $0.40 per record
10000 – 20000 $0.30 per record

What are the sources of data and how often is it updated?

Here is a link to the product page that discusses our data sources. We update our data on a quarterly basis.

How do I use the platform?

Just type in the name of the hardware or software technology in the Search bar for which you desire a list of account-users. You will be shown a sample list of 5 accounts first.

You can then scroll down to enter the actual required quantity of accounts to complete your purchase. After the payment is processed, the list will be emailed to your inbox.

{Type the name of the Hardware or Software in the Search Bar}


How does the Technographic Data Platform work?

The data team at DemandMatrix collects and analyzes digital signals to determine the use of different technologies. The DemandMatrix technographic data platform works by then allowing users to download a list of account-users (companies) that are using the particular hardware or software technology you searched for.

What is Technographic data?

Technographic data tells you what hardware and software companies are using, irrespective of whether the products are in front of or behind a firewall.